Documents to be submitted – temporary and occasional practice of the profession of Industrial Property Consultant

To submit the application necessary to be authorized to operate in Italy as an industrial property consultant, on a temporary and occasional basis, it is necessary to follow the following instructions.

Only use the automatic filing system accessible at the following address: (for english language please switch  the cursor on the navigation bar from  “IT” to “EN”). Register with the user profile entitled "Foreign professional representative", which can be selected from the appropriate drop-down menu.

It is mandatory to upload the following digitally signed documents:

  • a) Certificate or copy of the identity document certifying the nationality of origin;
  • b) Declaration of the interested party containing information on the services he/she intends to provide (relating to patents; relating to trademarks; in both areas);
  • c) Document proving the legal establishment in a Member State and the absence of any bans on practising the profession, even temporary;
  • d) Proof of the professional qualification.

The documentation referred to in points b) to d) must be presented in the original language and must be accompanied by an Italian translation that complies with the original written by a third party translator recognized by the Member State of origin or by another State of the European Union. The documents must be accompanied, alternatively, by a simple translation with a declaration of conformity with the original, made pursuant to Article 19 and 19(bis) of Presidential Decree 445/2000. Such a declaration may also be added at the end of the documents.