How to register a patent

You can apply for a patent for an invention or a utility model in three different ways:

National patent office contacts

Contact the Italian Patent and Trademark Office (UIBM) for all relevant information

  • Email:
  • Telephone: (+39) 06 4705 5800. The service is available every day from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays

Online availability of the procedure

To access the online filing service:

What documents do you need to start the procedure?

  • An application form containing the bibliographic information concerning
    • the title of the find
    • the date of filing
    • the priority date (if national or foreign priority is claimed)
    • name of the inventor
    • the applicant’s personal details
    • correspondence address
    • any related applications
  • description of the find, preceded by a summary
  • claims
  • drawings (optional)
  • English language version of the claims only for inventions where the priority of a previous application is not claimed. Alternatively, you will have to pay the set translation fee of EUR 200.00
  • English version of the summary and/or description (optional)
  • letter of appointment, power of attorney or statement of reference to a previous power of attorney where a licensed representative or professional (optional) has been appointed
  • priority document (if applicable)
  • receipt of payment of the Office’s fees (if the application is filed on paper)

Deadlines for submitting documents

It is essential to file an application, in which the applicant is identifiable and contactable, attaching at least one document that amounts to a description of the invention or model and arranging for payment of fees on the same date. If the fee is paid at a later date, the official date of filing is postponed to the date of payment.

Documents not filed at the same time as the application, for which the right to file has been reserved, may be filed within 2 months of the filing date.

Documents providing evidence of priority must be filed within 6 months of the application filing date.

If a deadline is not met, you can apply for the continuation of the procedure subject to the payment of an additional fee.

Administration fees

Filing fees vary according to the type of patent (for invention or for utility model) and the way the application is filed (online or on paper).

Patents for invention:

  • the fee for filing online is EUR 50.00
  • for filing hard copies, the filing fees are between EUR 120.00 and EUR 600.00 depending on the number of pages in the application
  • an additional fee of EUR 45.00 is payable for any claim beyond the tenth claim

Patents for utility models:

  • the fee for filing online is EUR 50.00
  • the filing fee for hard copies is EUR 120.00 regardless of the number of pages and the number of claims.

When the application is filed on paper, in addition to the above fees, additional administrative fees of EUR 40.00 are payable to the Chamber of Commerce.

Maintenance fees are due from the fifth year after the date of filing the application:

  • for patents for invention, the annual fee due increases from EUR 60.00 up to EUR 650.00 (in the 20th year);
  • for utility model patents, the fee due for the second 5-year period is EUR 500.00.

The fees due for maintaining patent rights can be reduced by 50% if the applicant states that a non-exclusive licence is offered to the public.

Late payment is allowed within 6 months of the due date, subject to a late payment fee of EUR 100.00.

In exceptional cases, an application for reinstatement may be made within 2 months after the justification for failing to comply with the deadline ceases to be valid or, in any case, within one year of the expiry date of the effective deadline for paying the fee; proof of payment of the fee owed, including the late payment fee, must be attached to the application.

The handling of any documents concerning industrial property also involves payment of potential costs:

  • request for continuation of the procedure EUR 300.00
  • request to register changes in personal details or other legally relevant facts or documents in the public register of industrial property rights, EUR 16.00 stamp duty
  • request to transcribe documents relating to patent law in the public register of industrial property rights:
  • fee of EUR 50.00 for each patent
  • stamp duty: for filing online EUR 85,00 (flat rate), for filing on paper: EUR 16.00 per request + 16.00 for every four sides of the attached document
  • request for full copies or extracts, plain or with a certification of authenticity, of items and documents contained in the file

There are also charges for sending documentation and providing data from the UIBM database.

Which authorities are responsible for registering and validating the European patent?

The authority responsible for receiving applications for validation of European Patent text translations is the Ministry of Economic Development, Direzione generale per la tutela della proprietà industriale - Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi (UIBM), via Molise, 19 - 00187 Rome.

Option of submitting the application in person, by email or electronically

You can request validation of a European Patent text translation in three different ways:

Details of any administrative fees to be paid before the application is submitted

There are no administrative fees to be paid prior to submission of the application

Amount of annual renewal fees

For European patents validated in Italy, the first annual fee is due from the year following the year in which the mention of the grant of the European Patent is published in the European Patent Bulletin.

The annual maintenance fees are the same as the maintenance fees for a national patent, namely of an amount of between EUR 60.00 up to EUR 650.00.

Details of any language requirements for the submission and possible need for translations: deadlines for submission of translations and amount of administration fees

The application for validation of the European patent must be submitted within 3 months of publication of the mention of the grant in the European Patent Bulletin.

The application, completed in Italian, must be accompanied by an Italian translation of the European Patent description, claims and drawings, which has been declared to be perfectly consistent with the original text.

Are there are penalties for late payment and how much are they?

Late payment is allowed within 6 months of the due date, subject to a late payment fee of EUR 100.00.

Information on any other documents to be submitted

You do not have to submit any other documents.


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