Documents to be submitted

The following documents must be submitted attached to the form available on the page :

  • certificate or copy of a valid identity document (passport or identity card);
  • copy of the professional title that gives access to the profession in the country of origin containing information relating to the training (total duration of the course of study, subjects studied and at what level, relationship between theory and practice);
  • certificate of registration in the professional register if registration is a requirement for exercising the profession;
  • any additional documentation suitable for better circumscribing any aptitude test such as: professional experience, complementary professional training or lifelong learning programs, seminars and other courses followed in addition to initial training.

In the event of a request for recognition of professional titles obtained in third countries, further specific documentation indicated in the form to be used must be provided in addition to the documents indicated above under Presidential Decree No 394/1999 ‘Regulation implementing the Consolidation Act on Immigration adopted with Legislative Decree No 286/1998’.

The documents must be accompanied by an Italian translation that complies with the original written by a third party translator recognized by the Member State of origin or by another State of the European Union.

The documents must be accompanied, alternatively, by a simple translation with a declaration of conformity with the original, made pursuant to Article 19 and 19(bis) of Presidential Decree 445/2000. Such a declaration may also be added at the end of the documents.