Created an antiCovid-19 section in the national database of biotech inventions

In order to facilitate access to patent information available in their databases, the EPO and WIPO have set up online sections dedicated to technologies capable of combating COVID-19. Also the UIBM, borrowing the methodology adopted by the WIPO, has set up a platform that allows to carry out a specific and easily accessible research of technologies that can contribute to the advancement of knowledge of researchers in order to identify suitable tools to fight the coronavirus,

Within the national database of biotechnological inventions and life sciences (prepared by UIBM and available at a new section has been created that groups Italian patents, selected on the basis of IPC rankings, in 10 topics (the fields of application of the invention, as identified by WIPO experts):

- Diagnostics - Medical/therapeutic treatments - Medical equipment - Medical treatments/prophylaxis - Medical facilities and transport - Computer science - Disinfection - Personal protective equipment - Artificial respirators.

Equipped with graphs and statistical tables, the section ( is completed by the dataset that collects all the Italian patent applications filed between 2009 and 2019 related to the 10 topics mentioned.

By clicking on the application number you can directly access the data of the individual patent in the national database of the UIBM.

The headers of the table allow you to sort the search results and to navigate within the dataset. It is also possible for the user to download the set of records